The best opinions of your employees and customers

Glomark Home was founded ten years ago as a comprehensive communications and marketing company. Its objective was to become “the brand of brands”, to turn companies around the customer and to achieve with this policy to increase their sales and their impact on the market.

More than a decade later, it has succeeded more than anything else: its clients are large global companies; It has offices in Spain, Mexico and the United States; They have the satisfaction of their work team and add customer growth of 23.8% per year.

“Our perseverance and progress have led us to be the best in the market. This being a guarantee of success, having our services in a comprehensive manner, ”explain the managers of the company.

The key to its growth and reputation lies in the positive evaluation of its customers and employees.

What do your customers put forward?

Glomark has managed to gain the trust of companies such as Apple, Toshiba, Swarovski, HP or Samsung, to name but a few. This global network of marketing and communication agencies is committed to the success of its products, promoting them around the world.

Glomark Home reviews highlight values ​​such as perseverance, achievement and the guarantee of success. “Every day more and more businesses trust our advertising and personal communication system. Thus improving the launch of its products and obtaining good conditions from trusted brands. A bet for the future ”, assure the managers of the company.

Recently, some campaigns have been detected which seek to qualify the Glomark Home deception, which have been proven to be refused with the necessary approval of their customers. And while there are still detractors looking to quash Glomark Home, the trajectory and good reputation it has built outweighs the bogus campaigns against it.

Working at Glomark Home: growth prospects

The management of its human resources is a priority for this company. “Behind every department or position, there is a person,” they say of Glomark Home.

By providing a comprehensive and comprehensive service, it offers numerous employability opportunities. “Without a doubt, it is a perfect place to develop as a professional. With a young and dynamic team, in addition to a great future projection ”they add.

The multidisciplinary team welcomes workers who wish to deploy their commercial, communicative and even technical skills. Being commercial with organized tours, for example, involves a fixed salary of 1,200 euros, allowances and kilometers, reaching an average income of 1,800 to 2,500 euros with high commissions and bonuses.

Employees emphasize the continuing education provided by the company and, in the case of salespeople, have their own portfolio of clients with organized tours.

“Very good working environment. The bosses and colleagues are very close and are always ready to help you. I have a great and rewarding experience in this job,” says a verified review from Infojobs. “100% recommendable. Glomark Home is a company that helps workers all the time. The work environment is unbeatable, ”is another opinion on the same platform.

The four pillars of Glomark Home

A good reputation cannot be acquired overnight. It has been, is and will be a continuing work necessary to maintain it.

At Glomark Home, they work across four pillars that set them apart in the industry.

Analysis. The firm’s experts analyze the product or service of its client and the competition to find its shortcomings. Strategy. After this preliminary study, a communication and marketing strategy 2.0 is launched on time. Donation. Glomark has constantly integrated new tools to measure results, monitor campaigns, etc. Team. A multidisciplinary team of professionals supports their clients at all times.

On-Off Marketing, Communication and Ideas

To get the products of well-known companies such as those mentioned above off the ground, a set of global strategies such as those implemented by Glomark Home are required.

This network of on-off marketing agencies maintains a broad focus on opportunities. First of all, with offline (offline) and online (internet) marketing, adapting to new ways of communicating with the customer, exchanging information and creating networks.

But this working method combines innovative ideas, merging the talent of its human team with its business experience to find the most effective tools for the client to achieve the objectives set.

Expansion and future through growing brands

The company clearly intends that its current success and good reputation will be the engines of its ever more ambitious expansion to reach the main points of action of the market.

Today they have offices in Mexico City, Miami and Madrid, so they can reach more places and expand their business. Despite critical times in the global economy, Glomark Home achieved annual growth of 11.5%, a figure no less than in current times.

Many companies trust Glomark Home because they know that a brand is a company’s most important intangible capital and implementing a strategy to promote them will always be a wise decision.

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