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In recent years, the Internet has become one of the main means of communication. Unite millions of people through networks, completely change the way we see the world and even inform ourselves

This medium was able to change the communication from a one-way model, that is, there was only one direction between the user and the computer, to being a two-way model, one user is able to connect with other users through his computer or other technological elements.

The risks behind the Internet

But it does not stop there, once connected, users were able to enter the global system of exchange of products, services, information; it continued to increase production in the digital market and crossed digital boundaries to reach the physical plane. Entertainment media have increased, as have advances in virtual education.

One of the main channels for transmitting truthful, in most cases, and up-to-date information are the so-called search engines. These are used to locate information stored on web servers, i.e. to an established internet address.

These servers contain all kinds of information, it can be texts, programs, images, links, videos, sounds, among others. It involves all kinds of documentation which, in computer language, can be imagined as a large spider’s web.

But the internet is not immune to virtual crimes, such as theft, identity changes, scams, and more. The network is all the more subject to this type of attack, because it is not “visible” directly by the spoofer.

Among the most common virtual attacks, we can cite key theft, identity theft, illegally taking information through virtual spies, or viruses, known for their great ability to affect the internet. normal operation of a computer.

One of the tools created to prevent technological attacks is the so-called virtual private network or as they are commonly called by its acronym in English VPN. But a VPN that is, is based on technology that allows private connection between one or more computers in a private network.

Benefits of a VPN

There are many advantages that can be mentioned in using VPN, but one of the most remarkable is the protection of the privacy of data shared online, as it acts as a box where information is stored and transferred to its destination, this which only when we get there. it is possible to be “open”, this process is known as encryption.

These private networks make the job of virtual thieves or hackers a little more difficult, preventing them from taking personal and confidential user data, which they can use at other times for a crime.

VPNs block websites that are not secure, that is, they can somehow damage your computer with a virus. A common example is banner ads that generate computer infections.

Connecting to a private network maintains a sense of security, although it is necessary to connect to a Wi-Fi network in places such as offices, hotels, shopping centers; This network allows exclusivity in the transfer of data.

In search engines, the use of VPNs is common. One of the oldest browsing sites was Internet Explorer, which has served as a tool for accessing the Internet for over 20 years. Fortunately, Microsoft has made the leap to better tools like Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

The best services that work with Microsoft Edge

It is common to find this browser and use it on any computer as it is pre-installed with Windows 10. To improve the quality of its service, the following VPNs can be used:

Cyberghost: Full web security review to verify that the site is safe to navigate, allows unlimited data traffic. Replacing the web address, that is, it prevents its location in your online activities. HotspostShield: does not ask for personal information from users, the service is accessible free of charge, but has some limitations with some countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Zen Mate: allows up to 4 computers connected to the network, good levels of browsing speed, and for data transfer there is no limit in quantity and we can get it here. ExpressVPN: High level security, zero logging policies and lets you choose which activities go through the private network. And this allows to have 5 equipment connections at the same time. Windscribe: automatically chooses the server which offers the fastest navigation, it is the speed regulator.

Any of these private networks can be chosen as preferred when browsing with Edgge. Most start out as free to some extent, or work free for life but with limitations. They have in common that they offer virtual security and, thanks to this, they keep users calm when using the Internet.

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