The biggest change in Outlook since 1997 has happened and you don’t know it

Outlook is a legendary service, but it is not without its problems. Microsoft recently improved a key part of Outlook that has not been touched since 1997 and is of great importance. We are talking about calendar synchronization in Outlook. Yes, after having passed its tests, the Redmond giant is finally updating the synchronization of its calendar on Windows.

Outlook calendar will now sync faster

The team behind Outlook Calendar seems to have woken up from its slumber for nearly a quarter of a century and improved the synchronization of shared calendars. The testing phase started in 2019 and they have been working on it ever since.

“At the time it will only show ‘on’, but it has been a great job and perhaps the biggest change in Outlook for Windows since its initial release in 1997, so we want every step to be careful.” Microsoft explains in his blog and discovered by the guys at The Verge.

If at any time you have wanted to share an Outlook calendar with your coworkers, you will have detected how annoying it can be when things go wrong. But it looks like Microsoft is finally working to improve the performance of shared calendars. It was Microsoft itself who described this as the biggest change to Outlook for Windows since it was first released in 1997.

The tests, which started last year, are now reaching more users. Improvements include faster synchronization for meetings and those that have been updated. This way, the changes will be reflected instantly on everyone’s calendars. In the past, Outlook for Windows took too long to sync meetings, which meant meetings disappeared and a host of problems.

“Since the summer of 2019, we have refined the experience and fixed bugs, thanks to numerous customer reports,” explains the Microsoft Exchange team. “With tens of thousands of daily users in the preview, we are now confident that the experience will delight calendar makers.”

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