The biochemist who made ‘Novichok’, the world’s deadliest poison, created Corona’s drug

The Russian biochemist who helped make Novichok the world’s deadliest nerve agent has discovered a new drug against the corona virus. This nerve agent had recently attempted to kill Alexi Navalny, the rival of Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, in 2012, the Russian intelligence agency used it to poison double agents Sergey and Yulia Scripple, living in Salisbury, UK. This poison is so deadly that many people can be killed with a single drop. It is also very difficult for scientists to detect it.

New drug from Corona named ‘Imophan’
Russian biochemist Dr. Leonid Rink was part of the team that created the deadly nerve agent Novichok to kill the enemies of Russia. This new drug from the Corona virus is known as Emofon. It is based on a drug from the Soviet era used against leprosy. It is developed from an antibiotic called Depsone.

Scientist claims – is effective against viral diseases
Today, the 74-year-old Russian scientist said the drug works against viral diseases. The drug eliminates the cytokine strom, which many experts say is a major cause of death from the corona virus. This drug is designed to speed up the process of re-forming cells, as humans infected with corona activate tissue metabolism.

Preparations for Emofon’s clinical trial begin
Dr Leonid Rink said his company is making pilot batches of Emofon to test its effectiveness against various diseases, including the intervita corona virus. Negotiations are also underway with the Russian Ministry of Health on this subject. He said a large number of investors support the program.

Navalny’s arrest leads to ruckus in Russia, hundreds of people performing at -50 degrees
The poison Novichok turns 50
Novichok is the nervous agent of the Soviet Union. The Russian intelligence agency is said to have used it to easily kill its large prey. It was built in the 1960s to 1970s. The poison was created through the Russian Foliant fourth generation chemical poison development program. The world did not know about this nerve agent until 1990. Russian scientist Dr. Will Mirzanov wrote about this poison in his book State Secrets.

What is the poison Novichok, which attacked Putin’s anti-Navalny
Russian double agent murdered in Novichok
The Novichok poison was also in the news in 2018. When former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were attacked by this poison in the town of Salisbury, UK. By this time, too, relations between Great Britain and Russia had deteriorated. It is said that Skripal has become a double agent. He was sharing Russian intelligence with Great Britain. Because of this, he was murdered.

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