“The blockade of the CGPJ is not understood”

Updated: Friday, February 26, 2021 3:55 PM

Published on: 02/26/2021 13:55

Pedro Sánchez hopes that the opposition will “reconsider” and “rectify” the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary after announcing an impasse in the negotiations between the PSOE and the PP, a “blockade” for which the president of the government holds the people popular responsible.

“Hopefully yesterday’s agreement (to renew the board of directors of RTVE) is not a flower for a day” and the PP “reconsider”, he said at a conference of press convened this morning in Moncloa, after announcing the break last night of. conversations to renew the judiciary.

Sánchez underlined the importance of this great pact on RTVE: “We have seen this week a first incarnation of this new spirit of agreement with the renewal of the RTVE Council by consensus, a consensus that had not been reached for nearly 15 years “.

He assured that at the beginning of this week “I thought that the PP had opted for the path of moderation, dialogue, pact and now we see the opposite, a PP which some days says one thing and other days does the opposite, in which there must be an impact. Spain needs a conservative opposition that works by the agreement of the pact “.

“The blockade of the CGPJ and the rest of the organs which must be constituted by consensus is not understood” and made sure that the PSOE showed itself in flexible negotiations, “proposing alternatives” and drew attention on the fact that all parties “give in to our initial demands” to reach an agreement on RTVE “, and that’s what the agreement allowed, resignation without veto”.

The president did not want to veto specific names such as Victoria Rosell or José Ricardo de Prada, but he considers that it is not like this: “Talking about a veto is not the way to propose a negotiation” .

The agreement, he repeated, must be obtained without a veto, “this is the price that all political forces must pay to obtain a victory, even partial, so that there is not a total defeat. “, and he also believes that it is” essential “at a time like the present,” where the Spanish society is exhausted after this year “, which is why he said:” We need an agreement to heal the pandemic injuries “.

He also considers that it is “unjustifiable” because without electoral horizons for the next two years – he stressed – “and knowing that the wish of the majority is the agreement, when we have taken a step forward, no one understands that a step has been taken.

PP insists he will not negotiate with Podemos

In the PP, they have already ruled on this request from Sánchez to rectify it. Senator Javier Maroto was clear, with Podemos, no: “The PP wants Podemos not to hand over the judges” and that the Prime Minister “forgets to put pressure on the PP”.

He assures us that the veto does not belong to any judge, “it is in Podemos, we do not want Podemos in any negotiations”. And he insists that negotiations stagnate “for Sánchez, until he wakes up from limbo and realizes that with Podemos, no.”

The negotiations were energized, according to PP sources, because the PSOE proposed that José Ricardo de Prada, one of the judges in the Gürtel case, be part of the CGPJ Council. A magistrate whom the PP vetoed with Victoria Rosell, considering them close to Podemos.

This judge was not chosen by his colleagues in the judicial team and he did not obtain the approval for it either, they report from the People’s Party. “It is a fraud against the law. It is a judge who tries by the back door, by the turn of jurists, without having obtained enough endorsements from his companions”, they condemn in the party of Casado.

Its spokesperson for Justice, Enrique López, questioned by LaSexta on the stumbling block, resounded: “The fight within the government coalition”. This, he says, is what “derailed” the deal, and he called on Pedro Sánchez to “resolve his differences with United We Can and with Iglesias, and call us when he has resolved it”: ” Sánchez cannot strengthen his coalition with Podemos sacrificing justice “.


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