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Benefits of Shalabhasana: – There are many benefits of doing Shalabhasana. Its regular practice will make your body flexible and also strengthen the lumbar muscles. For this reason, to stay fit, you should start Shalabhasana today.

Yoga and pranayama can keep the body healthy and fit. They need to know the right way to do it. That’s why we will tell you about the method of Shalabhasan and its benefits. So you can make it regular too.

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Do regular schooling-

Whatever the form of yoga, regular practice of it keeps the whole body healthy. But some yoga poses are especially beneficial for the body. Who do not face any difficulty in doing so. One such yoga is Shalabhanasana. Whatever you do regularly, it will keep your heart and mind healthy.

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Do Shalabhasana like this-

To do Shalabhasana, you should first lie down on your stomach with a mat or mats on the ground, then keep both your legs straight, both hands close to the waist, your palms should be facing upwards. When taking a deep breath, lift your straight leg against the wall, do not allow the hips and knees to bend at the same time and do not breathe constantly. After this, keep the legs straight down. In this way, repeat the same process with the opposite foot, but keep the hand in a stable position. Now while breathing, raise both legs upwards, then raise the head, lower the legs and relax. You can practice this asana for a maximum of 2 to 4 minutes.

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The muscles will remain strong

Doing Shalabhasana makes your body flexible. With this, the lumbar muscles become stronger. Which strengthens your waist. This gives relief from problems like back pain. Other back problems are also eliminated. But you already have a problem. So do any yoga pranayama only after consulting a doctor.

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The digestive system is strong

Its regular practice also strengthens the digestive system. Your shoulder and arm exercises are also done. Which also gives them power. It also relaxes the nerves in the abdomen, neck and shoulders. Overall it is very beneficial for the body. It also reduces belly fat.

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