The boom ?? coworking in Bilbao

At the beginning of the summer, the report on regional innovation in the European Union (Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2021) was published. Among the many titles that can be drawn from this annual survey, it was underlined that community experts had given the green light to the strategy pursued by the Basque economic fabric and restored it to its place as a “region of high innovation” .a tag they had lost in the previous edition of the study. In addition, it was pointed out that only Euskadi and Madrid were the only two territories in the entire Iberian Peninsula with this classification.

This support from the European authorities is reinforced by the announcement made by the Basque executive at the end of 2020, in which they indicated that the territory had already recovered a third of the companies lost by the Covid-19 pandemic, without having yet vaccinated any vaccine. This rapid recovery was characterized by the consolidation of the hybrid working model, in which days at the office are combined with days at home, promoting work and personal balance, and by the development of coworking spaces in Bilbao. , Thus. study carried out by experts from the leading company in the field of flexible office spaces, IWG.

As this analysis reveals, the three IWG coworking offices in Bilbao, two Regus centers and one Spaces, have increased their user numbers by 43% over the past year. This rapid growth was led by the latest Spaces center, Spaces Abando, located in the district of the same name. Visits to this center have increased 76.38% since the start of the year.

IWG’s country manager in Spain, Philippe Jiménez underlines that “coworking spaces combine the most positive points of the hybrid model, which has clearly become the best working system, for multiple reasons. To begin with, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of companies by focusing on greater sustainability. It also enables employees to better reconcile their personal and professional life, which is essential, especially for those who are parents. The third advantage associated with hybrid work is productivity, which is also greatly benefited, since, according to the latest IWG study, it increases by 20% with hybrid models, ”adds Jiménez.

Coworking on the “solid” Basque market

Spaces Abando is not the only flexible workspace of the British multinational which has noticed an increase in its users, but the Regus center, located in the middle of Gran Vía de Bilbao, was also chosen by several workers. If the month of June 2020 is compared to the same month of 2021, a growth in the number of users of 15% can be observed. This is also the case with the Regus center in the heart of the Deusto district, which is gaining more and more followers. Another flexible space that has also increased its number of visitors is the Regus de San Sebastián (Donostia), located 350 meters from Playa de la Concha. In fact, over the past three months, according to IWG data, the number of workers using the center has increased by 87%.

Companies of all kinds, technological, pharmaceutical, financial or automotive, rely on these spaces because, according to the users themselves, they bring them agility, comfort and many facilities. The same goes for the worker profile; in these centers you can find architects to call center specialists. While all of these employees have something in common, and that is to a greater or lesser extent, they enjoy the benefits of a hybrid working model. Likewise, the real “boom” should arrive after the summer with the expected return to the office.

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