The Bridge ranked among the world’s best digital training programs in 2021

The Bridge ranked among the world’s best digital training programs in 2021

Three of the training programs from The Bridge, the digital talent accelerator that offers bootcamps tailored to the needs of today’s job market, were included in Course Report’s ranking of the world’s best training this year.

Course Report is a tool with which students research and compare intensive web development, design or data science programs offered by different training schools around the world. Dubbed “the bootcamp bible,” it offers reviews, application tips, webinars, and interviews with founders, students, and instructors to give students all the information and details they need to choose the good bootcamp for their driving style. and your time.

They periodically publish rankings selecting the best bootcamps in the world. Among them, three of those taught by The Bridge, which were included in the sections dedicated to UX design, data science and cybersecurity.

In this sense, Iker Arce, CEO of The Bridge explained “We are one of only four schools among the more than 700 analyzed in the world to appear in the three lists of the best bootcamps published this year.” “Of the four, we are the only one to offer programs in Spanish and a presence in Spain on our campuses in Madrid, Valencia and soon Bilbao,” he added. “To this is added the merit of being the most recent school of the four, which, in a selection that takes into account the operating time of the school, says a lot about what the team achieves and the students of The Bridge “finished.

The bootcamp evaluation criteria and the course report evaluation are due to factors such as the opinions of the students themselves, students and alumni must have left over 40,000 reviews in the course report. Time Spent, for example, Data Science bootcamps are programs in which students devote at least 20 hours of study per week and last at least 8 weeks.

Another factor is the transparency around the results of the training, as well as the ease of payment and financing options. In this sense, those who offer a variety of payment options are the most valued, in order to make their program more accessible to students, as well as their association with recognized funding companies.

In addition to the above criteria, the age of the school, the number of campuses, the way in which the application processes are conducted, the degree of professional support they offer and the commitment to diversity are also taken into account when creating rankings. .

The training offered by The Bridge covers intensive programs focused on cybersecurity, data science, software development, UX / UI product design and digital marketing. Bootcamps focused on the development of the professionals of tomorrow, but which today’s companies are already demanding.

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