The British musician played the piano, listening to the wild monkey

British composer Paul Burton has devised a unique way to calm the monkeys that inhabit Thailand’s historic buildings. With the help of this method, the monkeys not only calmed down, but many also slept. They are captured by wild monkeys in the Lopburi region and often flee for violence. To appease these monkeys, Paul Burton moved between them and began to play the piano.

Previously, Paul Burton had played pianos in Father Prang Sam Yot’s auto parts workshop. The locals were very angry with the monkeys and asked Paul to play the piano. Usually, wild monkeys get very violent very quickly, but they are delighted after listening to the sound of the pianos. Not only that, according to Pattaya Mail, there were a lot of them sleeping.

Burton also calmed the elephants with his finger magic before the monkeys. He said it was harder to calm elephants than monkeys. He said that in order to calm the monkeys, the songs should be played for a long time without any outside obstruction. Burton has lived in Bangkok for a long time and plays the piano at Wildlife Sanctuary for the Blind, Sick and Retired Elephants.

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