The budgets of the coalition government will be approved on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers

Posted: Monday October 26 2020 10:11

The government approved the draft general state budgets on Tuesday at the last Council of Ministers in October and without the support of their accounts yet guaranteed.

As reported by Moncloa, the Director General transferred it to the Presidents of Autonomous Communities and Cities at Monday’s conference, and explained that a significant advance will be included in the 2021 EMP of 27 billion euros charged to the European Funds.

Coalition executive partners PSOE and United We Can have been holding meetings with various political groups for months to gain support, but to date they have not even guaranteed the votes of those who have. facilitated the investiture of Sánchez.

After learning that on Tuesday the project goes to the Council of Ministers, some, like the citizens – who participated in the negotiations – showed some surprise: “It seems that the government has decided to reach an agreement in the first place, so tomorrow we’ll find out the details, ”said Edmundo Bal, Congress training spokesperson.

Pablo Casado, the leader of the PP, also expressed his opinion during a ceremony in Madrid and listed his proposals: “We want there to be a reduction in corporate tax, below 20%. Eliminate inheritance tax, which is very important for the family business, and eliminate the tax on documented legal acts “.

PNV says they will wait and see “black and white” and that they will not be 100% like budgets.

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