The call to participate in the 2021 challenge of the FiturNext Observatory is open

The call to participate in the 2021 challenge of the FiturNext Observatory is open

The platform will reward tourism projects with high replicability capacity that recognize the role of women in the industry during the next edition of FITUR, which will be held from May 19 to 23, 2021 on the IFEMA website.

BY RRHH Digital, 14:22 – 28 December 2020

The call to participate in the 2021 challenge of the FiturNext Observatory, the FITUR observatory dedicated to the promotion of good tourism practices in terms of sustainability, is still open. All these projects and initiatives that promote responsible tourism and contribute to decisions aimed at seeking equity and recognizing the role of women in the industry are still in time to apply.

More than 400 initiatives analyzed for an unprecedented challenge

To date, FiturNext has already analyzed more than 400 initiatives and organized dozens of interviews around the world. The high-level proposals received contribute to the empowerment of women, whether in the field of working conditions, entrepreneurship or leadership.

The call will remain open for the next few months. During the first quarter of 2021, the platform will announce the finalist projects of this tranche and, in April, the winners. Until then, the FiturNext team will continue to work on a program that will be presented in the next edition of FITUR (between May 19 and 23, 2021) and which will show the quantity and quality of existing initiatives in the world that bring their grain. sand to gender equality through tourism, a key driver of the sector’s recovery after Covid-19.

A challenge aligned with the United Nations SDGs and reproducible

The challenge of this second edition of FiturNext is aligned with the fifth of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, one of the keys necessary to achieve a balanced society and sustainable development is responsible tourism, in which all the actions of the agents involved go through the guarantee of gender equality.

The initiatives are selected according to their capacity for replicability, that is to say the possibilities that they must be reproduced by other actors in the sector with different resources. This is achieved through the Replicability and Impact on Challenge Barometer, a tool that allows projects to be assessed in two dimensions: the degree of maturity of initiatives and their viability through replication requirements.

The ultimate goal of FiturNextes is to increase the positive impact on the sector by replicating these practices.

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