The Canary Islands stop applying the curfew from this Monday after the rejection of the TSJC

Publication: Monday May 10, 2021 9:01 PM

The government of the Canary Islands will stop applying the curfew as of Monday night, after not having received the approval of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) for its decision to maintain it. than measured after the end of the state. alarm.

This was confirmed by executive spokesperson Julio Pérez during a press conference. “The curfew will not apply from this afternoon. Tonight, there is no restriction of movement in the Canaries as there have been in recent times,” he explained. . “This rule no longer applies because it has not obtained authorization from the courts,” he added.

However, the Canarian government continues to work on the appeal it plans to present to the Supreme Court in order to maintain all the restrictions it had already endorsed and that the TSJC has not ratified and which include, in addition to the curfew, the possibility of delineating islands at alert levels 3 and 4 (currently none).

For the moment, as Pérez clarified after an extraordinary Board of Directors, the curfew is ineffective, as well as “the possibility of perimeter closures” and “the rules on religious acts in the foreigner “, another measure which also overturned Justice.

However, the spokesperson stressed that “the rest of the contagion control regulations” that were still in force are maintained, including meeting limitations, which the TSJC has authorized.

The announcement comes after the TSJC responded on Monday to the clarification requested by the government of the Canary Islands, confirming that in the current situation, it cannot maintain the curfew. Sunday, after hearing the judicial rejection of some of its measures, the regional executive interpreted that they could remain in force as long as there is no final judgment. A possibility that the TSJC denied today.

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