The cannibalistic son of Spain cut his mother into 1000 small pieces, ate her raw and fed her to the dog: a man-eating son made 1000 pieces of mother, chewed raw meat, also fed on a dog

In Spain, a malicious son killed his mother and cut 1000 small pieces of her body. After that, he kept the pieces of meat in the refrigerator and ate his mother’s body for about two weeks. During this time, he also gave the mother’s meat to his dog. A Spanish court has now convicted his son Sanchez Gomez for the murder of his mother Maria Soledad Gomez.

The horrific incident took place in February 2019 and during the trial that ended on May 6, the court sentenced Kali Yugi’s son, Gomez, for the murder. A bench of nine judges rejected Gomez’s claim that he suffered from ‘psychiatry’ by attacking his mother. Gomez snuck behind his mother and strangled her to death.

Maria’s head, hands and heart were found on her bed
Gomez then performed 1,000 pieces of his mother’s body and ate it for two weeks. Police then apprehended him during the investigation. Investigators said Gomez kept the pieces of his mother’s body in the refrigerator. He kept the bones hidden in the drawer of the house. Maria’s head, hands and heart were found on their beds.

Police said the rest of Maria’s body was cut into 1,000 small pieces. A police officer testified at the hearing that Gomez claimed he chewed some raw body parts while cooking and eating other parts. Not only that, Gomez also fed parts of the mother’s corpse to the dog. Gomez used saws and knives to cut through the corpse.

Request for 15 years and 5 months’ imprisonment for a cannibalistic son
On the other hand, Gomez claimed that while he was watching TV he received a secret message to kill his mother. The prosecution demanded a sentence of 15 years and 5 months for this malicious son. However, the judges involved in the hearing have yet to approve the conviction. The act of this son Kalyugi is condemned all over the world.

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