The Catalan Secretary of Health recommends “minimum meetings” at Christmas and warns: “We’re going badly”

Posted: Wednesday December 16 2020 10:16

The Secretary of Public Health of Catalonia, Josep Maria Argimon, acknowledged this Wednesday that “we are not well and we are doing badly” in the evolution of the pandemic and reported that between the 6 and the 15 of this month there were 11,800 new positive for COVID-19.

In addition, the RT (speed of spread of the virus) is between 1.45 and 1.50, with the risk of regrowth on the rise, he assured. “If we were a rich country, we would surely have taken other more drastic decisions”, he assured in an interview with Catalunya Radio, thus ensuring that workers and small entrepreneurs could be remunerated economically.

“If we confine ourselves, the big companies, those who charge us for electricity or gas, will continue to make money. We are talking about people who work in the culture, in a bar or a restaurant, in a room. sport “, he maintained.

“We cannot put a mosso in every house”

With regard to next Christmas, the Secretary of Public Health of Catalonia recommended meetings “as small as possible” and in the open air, if possible, and that everyone be aware of “the responsibility and the risk” that these decisions entail. . “We cannot put a mosso in every house,” he said.

Asked about Sánchez’s comments on tightening party restrictions if necessary, Argimon said that “it looks very good” and that if necessary it will also be done in Catalonia. “It depends on what we hear by Christmas, if we understand the 24th and the 25th, it must be an individual responsibility,” he said.

Regarding the plan for residences at Christmas, he said that it is being worked out, that “the will is for people to leave”, that screening will be done and that there will be surveillance measures. their return to residence, and opted for Departures of at least three days, no hours.

He recalled that health professionals are exhausted and that 25% of people admitted are due to COVID, which has consequences in waiting lists for the rest of the pathologies.

For the moment, the government has not taken further restrictive measures in Catalonia despite the warning of various experts, but it is more than likely that it will be done in the coming hours, because “it is clear that if the peak of the pandemic will be lower “and fewer lives will be lost, he said.

In addition, in view of the start of the vaccination period in January “it is very important” that we have the incidence figures as low as possible, so as not to have outbreaks while it is administered in nursing homes. , the first group to which it will be put.

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