The Chinese rocket of the international space station: the Chinese rocket had arrived very close to the space station in space, chaos would have struck

The Chinese rocket, which has become a source of concern to scientists around the world, had reached very close to the space station which was traveling through space before falling into the Indian Ocean. Astronomer from the American Center for Astrophysics Jonathan McDowell was monitoring the trajectory of this Chinese rocket. On Monday, he tweeted that the Chinese rocket had passed very close to the International Space Station on its way to earth.

Jonathan said the two moved closer to the International Space Station 6 minutes after the Chinese rocket separated from the Tianhe space station. They had arrived within a radius of 300 km, which was very worrying in terms of the circumambulation trajectory. He said the Chinese rocket needed a “fixed time” to get close to the international space station.

NASA berated China for its space program
He said the Chinese rocket increased fears that it was made intentionally. Jonathan said this threat had not been communicated to partner nations of the International Space Station. The 18-ton Chinese rocket, which has become of concern to the whole world, fell in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives on Saturday evening. US space agency NASA severely reprimanded China for the space program.

NASA said China has failed to comply with responsible standards. U.S. officials have confirmed that uncontrolled debris from the Chinese Mars 5B rocket launch fell in the Indian Ocean north of the Maldives. In India, too many people have claimed to see this rocket drop in the sky. Once this rocket got out of control, it was expected to fall anywhere in the world. Bill Nelson of the NASA administration sharply criticized China and insisted that it was “necessary” for China and other countries to work “with accountability and transparency” in space.

10 more Chinese rockets to go on a space mission
Chinese rockets have yet to embark on 10 more space missions to build the Chinese space station. In such a situation, this warning from NASA is considered very important. This is not the first time that the Chinese rocket has gone out of control in space. Earlier in May 2020, the main part of the Launch March 5B rocket got out of control and its debris fell over the Atlantic Ocean. NASA described the Chinese rocket crash as truly dangerous. The rocket passed over the cities of Los Angeles and New York in the United States before falling.

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