The Church registered 35,000 properties between 1998 and 2015, most with only ecclesiastical certification

The Catholic Church registered 34,961 real estate properties in its favor during the 17 years that the mortgage law of the first Aznar government was in force, according to the First Vice-Presidency report that the Council of Ministers sent to Tuesday. Congress of Deputies.

At the press conference after the government meeting, the first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, presented the report, which she defined as “careful” and “rigorous” work, and which showed that 86.7 % of Catholic real estate records The church from this period was made with a simple ecclesiastical certification.

Thus, 30,335 were registered as clerical with the signature of ecclesiastical authority as the sole certificate of ownership and only 4,626 were not registered with another “sufficient and sufficient” title to prove ownership.

Of the total properties that have been signed in the name of the Churches during these 17 years, 20,014 are properly temples or complementary units intended for worship, and 14,947 are other lands such as premises, lots or apartments.

Government sends list to Congress

“The full list is in the Congress of Deputies and we report on a mandate that we did not want to and cannot ignore and be transparent about this situation,” Calvo said.

The Vice President also stressed that this marks a new stage in the government’s relations with the Catholic Church, as it ensures transparency in this regard.

A modification of the government of Aznar

Between January 1, 1998, the date on which the provision authorizing it came into force, until the entry into force of Law 13/2015 which repealed it, the Church took possession of all these goods. , the vast majority thanks to a simple ecclesiastical certification. During Franco’s dictatorship, the Church could register temples in its name with the signature of a bishop, but Aznar’s reign extended this advantage to non-worship places.

As indicated by the government, once this list is transmitted to Parliament, the origin of unregistered real estate can be consulted and the door will be open to claims, in the event of a conflict over their ownership.

Among these assets, let us quote the Mosque of Cordoba, in 2006, listed at only 30 euros, or the Giralda and the Cathedral of Seville in 2010, but also apartments, parish houses or teachers, squares, fountains, pediments and all kinds. of plots.

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