“The civil war was a coup d’etat”

Posted: Tuesday July 06 2021 4:04 PM

The president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, on Tuesday amended the head of the national PP, Pablo Casado, assuring that the civil war “was a coup”.

In a radio interview, the popular Galician distanced himself from Casado’s assertions on the congressional platform, which put the rebel side on the same level and who defended the legality of the Second Republic.

“The civil war was a coup,” Feijóo said, amending what his party’s national president said.

“The civil war was a confrontation between those who wanted a lawless democracy and those who wanted a law without democracy,” Casado said last Wednesday in response to Sánchez’s pardon appearance, statements which made a lot of noise.

Faced with this, Feijóo affirms: “I saw a very surprised historian. It’s a very short and incomplete way of explaining things.

In this sense, the Galician president stresses that “the best we can do is learn from what our great-grandparents did wrong”.

Casado did not want to respond to Feijóo, during a ceremony this morning. Party sources assure that the statements of the two leaders “are not incompatible” and that Casado “reaffirms what has been said”, stressing that “he does not understand” why so many problems were caused with his statements.

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