The classic corporate dining room model is reinventing itself: discover the novelties

Since March 2020, it is possible to see the negative effects that the health crisis and the restrictions imposed have on the whole of society. We’re not just talking about the severe health effects, but also how the economy has suffered for thousands of businesses that have been forced to shut down for a season and adjust their operations to be able to survive this situation. .

Although the light can already be seen at the end of the tunnel, the challenges that the restaurant industry has had to overcome throughout these months have caused the companies dedicated to it to adapt their business models to the “new normal”. “, to continue to offer its customers new alternatives to room service with the same quality as before.

An example of a reinvention of the classic corporate dining room model was made by LaPizka, a company specializing in 5-line catering for communities and businesses, through individual menu service at home with authentic dishes. full of flavor that vary weekly to provide the nutritional value you need.

Home Business Dining Service

With this new format, LaPizka makes available to companies that offer their employees a face-to-face catering service the possibility of continuing to do so also with their teleworkers, so that they continue to save time and effort in preparing their weekly menu.

Continuing to focus on a constant improvement in the quality of life of employees has a positive impact on the company, because providing healthy and nutritious food is decisive in reducing the level of stress and maintaining the appropriate level of energy to face the day. of work. For this reason, at LaPizka all recipes are thought out and designed by a team of nutritionists and food scientists, whose values ​​are based on family and family cooking, with fresh, natural and authentic ingredients.

It is based on traditional dishes, spoon, pasta, rice, vegetables, meats, fish, eggs … stewed and roasted, which are created from a carefully selected raw material that comes from local gardens and farms, to guarantee the quality of these and promote local trade, which contributes not only to the revitalization of agriculture and livestock in the region but also to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

A large part of this raw material that they use comes from orchards and plantations of the headquarters of Proyecto Hombre Santiago, as part of their solidarity project “Una Pizka de Esperanza”, and which aims to promote socio-professional integration participants through learning the kitchen profession and the various tasks that result from it. The project was born from the firm conviction of its entire team on the transformative power of cooking with values ​​and social commitment to the environment in which they work.

“We go back 30 years for people to remember the food of before, that of the grandmother, through traditional flavors,” says the founder of LaPizka. And it is that they are characterized by their desire to bring their cuisine closer to the values ​​of all the Spanish geography.

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