The closest black hole to Earth

In the middle of our galaxy is a giant black hole named Sagittarius A * whose mass (mass) is 4 million times that of our sun. Now scientists have discovered that we are 2,000 light years closer to this black hole than previous estimates. However, that doesn’t mean it will be our collision.

Blackhole approached?
In fact, this black hole did not develop near our earth, but its position has been revealed by new models based on new and precise data. For about 15 years, VERA, a radio astronomy project in Japan, has been collecting related data. Using interferometry technology, VERA collected data from telescopes in Japan and combined it with existing data to produce the most accurate map of the Milky Way.

What did the new results give?
Based on the position and speed of 99 points in our galaxy, VERA found that Sagittarius A * is actually 25,800 light years from our Earth. VERA also discovered that the Earth is orbiting the center of the Galaxy at a speed of 227 km, not 220 km per second. VERA has a proven track record and accurate data can be collected.

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