The “ cloud ”, as a means of rapid recovery of commercial activity


The “ cloud ”, as a means of rapid resumption of commercial activity

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 11 November 2020

The Linke team, a Spanish company specializing in cloud consulting services, advanced in November the cloud trends that will mark 2021 due to the decisive role that this technology will have in the capacity of companies to respond to the pandemic, as well as its role in that they can take back the pulse of their activity and resume growth.

Its CTO, Ricardo Casanovas, emphasizes that “the cloud model was fundamental during the first wave of the pandemic to be able to rapidly deploy solutions allowing business operations, from systems facilitating remote work and collaboration, up to virtual private networks or even virtual “contact centers”. Now, once the digital evolution has accelerated, we believe that the technology in the cloud will be even more relevant in the future ”.

The analysis of the CTO and his team of specialists of the public cloud platform AWS shows that next year will be a turning point for the cloud, with projects critical to business strategies, which will be focused around the following trends:

Generalized increase in demand for cloud infrastructure in all areas: the transition to the cloud is accelerating because it allows business models to quickly adapt to new consumption habits, behaviors and new ways of working and relating , communicate, etc. Hardware, software, and services in all cloud environments – public, private, hybrid, multicloud, and edge – will be in high demand, laying the groundwork for it to soon trump traditional computing. In addition, with the deployment of 5G, the ability to deploy the infrastructure where it is needed – on devices, at the customer’s premises or in the cloud and wherever it is located is managed seamlessly with native tools and procedures. in the cloud. All as a Service (XaaS) Consistent with the above and on a consumption-based pay-as-you-go basis of this model, businesses will move towards an XaaS model from which all technology services can be offered. from the cloud, to achieve more scalability, flexibility and speed in the delivery times of digital services to the organization. More critical system migrations Following the lessons learned from the pandemic in which on-premises infrastructures have shown their inability to respond with agility to operational needs, companies will promote the move of their most critical systems to the cloud. In this sense, in 2021, more companies will make the decision to migrate their management systems and data centers to this model. Optimize cloud operations: Companies that have already moved their infrastructure and systems to the cloud will want to take it to the next level to take advantage of the investments made in this area. The idea is, according to experts from this firm, to align spending with business objectives, taking advantage of the agility, services and innovation that this technology brings. New areas of investment Deployments will also increase in some new areas of investment, such as contact center migration, an area where the cloud brings a lot of innovation. This is the moment when we must strengthen customer services with omnichannel strategies to be closer to them and take advantage of communication channels, both traditional, such as the telephone, and digital (web, chat, social networks, chatbots , etc.). Automation and Integration: Now that many companies have moved their applications and systems to the cloud, they find it essential to be able to automate them to eliminate the routine tasks of technology departments. It will also be essential now that multi-cloud and hybrid models have been put in place to integrate the different cloud environments so that businesses can move workloads to the stage that suits them best at all times to achieve real value. of their cloud investments. Support for innovation: Organizations that wish to drive innovation by launching new digital services will see this technology as the basis for doing so, as it enables them to leverage the potential of big data and analytics solutions or artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Linke thinks that in 2021 we will start to see practical applications applicable to everyday business scenarios and that, above all, we will move on to talk about technologies allowing machine learning to see more and more applications that exist thanks to this technology. . Cybersecurity, a priority to advance the model. The security concern of companies cannot be ignored, due to the increase and severity of attacks, requiring more attention to this issue with a robust industry response. through alliances, training initiatives and closing possible doors to cybercrime. From a technological standpoint, organizations and their IT partners must avoid misconfigurations and unauthorized access, which are the main threats identified by customers today.

The specialists of the Spanish company end their reflection by insisting on the fact that cloud computing will be the model that supports the digital transformation that will promote reconstruction.

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