“The commitment to sustainable development must permeate the entire culture of the company”

Carlos Ruiz Alonso, Director of Sustainable Development and Risks at Enags, in “Coffee break”: “The commitment to sustainable development must permeate the entire culture of the company”

This week, in the new episode of our TVCoffee Break program, we talk about corporate sustainability, in honor of June 5, World Environment Day. And, for this very special program, we had the participation of a great expert in the field: Carlos Ruiz Alonso, Director of Sustainability and Risks at ENAGS.

Among the top five risks for businesses, Ruiz Alonso points out, sustainability issues have been a constant feature of the rankings for the past five years. To this reality, the director of sustainable development and risks attributes a clear justification: “From now on, all of us, as people, are more aware of the impact of environmental crises on our lives. We know we only have one planet and we need to take care of it. that everything that has to do with sustainability and the environment, we consider it as one more aspect of ourselves, our own, and we give it more importance “

In commercial terms, he underlines that the whole team must influence to move forward and respect the environmental policies implemented and promoted in companies, thus meeting the need to be all aligned with this sustainable objective of the organization. . “Sustainability is everyone’s business. It is true that general management must set an example, but it is important that this commitment permeates the entire culture of the company, ”adds Carlos Ruiz.

In the case of Enags, as an energy company, the guidelines and policies of sustainable development are more present than ever. Indeed, its Director of Sustainable Development and Risks also tells us about the three current sustainable development objectives:

“At Enags, we have three sustainability goals:

People in the culture. We need to attract our best talent and create working environments that facilitate the development of a more sustainable world. Reducing C02 emissions, that is to say defending energy efficiency. We try to minimize all our impacts, as an energy company, we bet on natural gas and renewable gases as elements capable of helping the decarbonization process.

You want to know how they achieve it, what concrete actions are they taking to achieve the objectives set?

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