The Community of Madrid will not extend the school year despite Filomena and 4M


Posted: Wednesday May 12 2021 7:52 PM

The mystery is over: school classes in the Community of Madrid will follow the plan established since the beginning of the year. This was confirmed by regional government sources at laSexta: “The Community of Madrid has responded to the request of the board of directors and educational centers and will not extend the school calendar beyond what was initially established. “

Education centers in the region had already let parents know that the possibility of extending school days by a few more days was on the table and, in fact, that was what indicated. But Madrid have decided to keep the dates announced last September. In the minds of those involved, there was the number of face-to-face lessons lost for students due to the effects of Storm Filomena and, in recent days, the loss of the school day so that schools have been used as polling stations in the regional elections of May 4.

“After the suspension of face-to-face classes at the beginning of January due to the effects of the Filomena storm, the Community of Madrid raised the possibility of extending the school calendar to a few days, taking into account the fact that primary school students could see each other those most affected by the reduction in face-to-face lessons, ”they acknowledged from the Ministry of Education.“ However, after having verified that the forecasts for didactic programming in the educational centers were being carried out as planned, thanks to the continuity of the educational activity by telematics, the Community decided that the school period ended as planned “.

When does the course end in Madrid now

In this way, and after the decision to keep the planned dates, the students of Madrid will finish the courses in a staggered manner between the months of June and July. Always depending on the educational section in which they are located:

Nursery schools, children’s homes and private kindergartens financed by public funds: July 30, 2021 Adult education centers and prisons: June 18, 2021 Nursery and primary education centers of the second cycle (1st, 2nd and 3rd year) : June 22, 2021 Special education Centers: June 22, 2021 Secondary education institutes (3rd and 4th of ESO) and Baccalaureate [excepto el alumnado de 2º curso de Bachillerato que finalizará sus actividades lectivas en función de las necesidades derivadas de la realización de la evaluación final de Bachillerato y los procedimientos de admisión en la Universidad]: June 23, 2021. Integrated centers for artistic education in music and secondary education (ESO 3 and 4): June 23, 2021. Primary education centers (4, 5 and 6): June 24 2021. Integrated artistic education centers of MUSIC and primary / secondary education (4th, 5th and 6th. Primary education): June 24, 2021 Official language schools: June 25, 2021 Secondary education institutes (1st and 2nd of ESO): June 25, 2021. Basic vocational training, intermediate level training cycles and 2nd year training cycles: June 25, 2021. Integrated centers for artistic music and EE secondary education (1st and 2nd of ESO): June 25, 2021 Art schools: June 25, 2021 Music schools in artistic EE Music and primary and / or secondary education centers: June 25, 2021 Professional music conservatories: June 25, 2021 Professional dance conservatories : June 25, 2021.

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