The Community of Madrid, without confined areas for the first time since September

Publication: Monday, May 24, 2021 08:23

Since midnight and for the first time since last September, the Community of Madrid has not had any mobility restrictions in any of its 286 basic health zones, as the restrictions that were in force in 11 zones have been lifted, which has improved its pandemic incidence data. .

At midnight in the evening, the districts of Daroca (Ciudad Lineal), General Fanjul (Latina), Castelló (Salamanca), Barajas (Barajas) and La Chopera (Arganzuela) were left without mobility restrictions, all located within the municipality. de Madrid, as well as Las Cities and Margaritas (Getafe), Reyes Católicos (San Sebastián de los Reyes), Majadahonda (Majadahonda), Leganés Norte (Leganés) and La Princesa (Móstoles), a restricted area for six weeks.

With these 11 zones without limits due to their good epidemiological evolution, free movement is already authorized throughout the territory of the Community of Madrid, where the strategy of confinement of basic health zones began to be implemented on the 21st. September 2020.

This time it started in 37 areas, spread over six districts of the capital and seven municipalities, which had a 14-day incidence of more than 1,000 cases per 100,000 population.

Los requisitos han ido variando, y en la actualidad las condiciones para fijar las restricciones en zonas básicas de salud its an umbral de incidencia de 300 casos, que haya transmissión comunitaria y una tendencia creciente en los contagios, algo que ninguna zona cumple a día de today.

When mobility is limited in a basic health zone, it is only possible to enter and leave it for justified reasons such as going to work, studying, going to a medical appointment or caring for elderly people or children, and capacity and schedules are also adjusted.

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