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If the name ByteDance doesn’t mean anything to you, then the product this company has developed is sure to speak to you! Bytedance has owned the TikTok network, which specializes in the distribution of short videos, since 2016.

TikTok is a hit with the young, but not the elderly, and today has more than 500 million monthly users! “ByteDance would post sales of $ 17 billion in 2019, including $ 3 billion in profit.” However, since the end of last year, ByteDance seems to want to diversify.

An intelligent and networked lamp

Last October, the Chinese company launched its first consumer gadget. And especially to the youngest subscribers. This object is a smart lamp designed to help children learn. ByteDance chose this item to confirm its entry into educational aid. And apparently it works!

The smart lamp, which sells for $ 100, includes a built-in camera and voice assistant. In the situation it makes it possible to accompany the youngest with their homework. Parents can monitor the progress of homework thanks to an application linked to the lamp’s camera.

A device for students aged 4 to 12 years. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sabrina Bracher

Parents know how addicting the TikTok network can be for the little ones … An invalid reason not to do homework! The lamp of the Chinese giant therefore enables children to have “a TikTok product” and parents to make sure of their child’s work. Released in July 2020 under the Dali brand, it was only known in October that this lamp was a ByteDance product!

ByteDance’s request

The lamp seems to be ByteDance’s first step towards education. An additional function appears in the latest smart lamp model! It actually has two cameras: one looking at the child and the other in flight over the room! A screen is attached to each lamp and, thanks to artificial intelligence, enables math advice or learning difficult words.

But ByteDance also offers a stricter version for children! For $ 170, the lamp sends notifications and photos to parents as soon as the child collapses instead of working. And now parents can pay for remote “lamp attendants” too … A 36-year-old father claims to have paid $ 350 on top of the lamp price so that three teachers can remotely monitor his daughter while she does her homework!

On the way to the parents’ resignation?

We’re not sure what to think of this innovation! Of course, social networks are a real danger for our dear little darlings. But isn’t the monitoring by interposed lamps going too far? To imagine that ByteDance would like to replace the parents with a lamp, it is only one step … It is innovative, it is obvious, but it is not also the door to an “exit” parents who see their role secured by a soulless see object?

A very controversial device … Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sabrina Bracher

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