The Constitutional Court approves the hot returns of migrants

Publication: Thursday, November 19, 2020 2:49 PM

The Constitutional Court approved almost the entirety of the Citizen Security Act, known as the Gag Law, including the abrupt returns of immigrants and sanctions for riots in concentrations known as the Surrounds Congress. .

As reported by the Court of Guarantees, the plenary session approved the sentence by a majority of its members, in which, five years later, it meets one of the most controversial standards of the government of Mariano Rajoy, which was at the center of political debate since its approval in 2015 with several unsuccessful attempts to repeal or amend in court.

After several months of considering the question, the court finally approves the rejections of immigrants at the border, the sanctions for serious offenses in the riots of demonstrations in front of the legislative chambers, as well as the “external body searches” or the searches which involve total nudity.

But the article that talked about the recordings< non autorisés >> State security forces and organs does not endorse it, so it declares the unconstitutionality of paragraph< non autorisé >> of article 36.23 of the law, which provides for the use of images or personal or professional data of the authorities or of said members without this approval.

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