The Corona threat again in self-isolation to the British Prime Minister

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has isolated himself and recently came into contact with a positive Corona MP, although he sees no symptoms of Corona at the moment.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has isolated himself. He was told he had recently come into contact with a positive MP in Corona. However, they don’t seem to show any symptoms of corona. Boris has already spent three nights at St Thomas’ Hospital in London after being found positive for Corona in April.

Boris Johnson was told by the National Health Service Test and Trace that he had come into contact with a man who tested positive for Corona. The British Prime Minister was then asked to isolate himself.

His spokesperson said: ‘The prime minister will follow the rules and he himself will be isolated. He will continue to work on Downing Street and guide the government on the Corona outbreak. At present, his health is fine and he has no symptoms of corona. According to the rules, the British Prime Minister will have 10-day self-isolation and can be released on November 26.

Earlier Thursday morning, Boris met with MPs at his office at 10 Downing Street for 35 minutes. They also included Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield. Anderson later noticed the symptoms of the corona, then reported it on social media and self-isolated.

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