“The cost would be to leave things rooted”

Posted: Monday May 31 2021 4:34 PM

The Government will decide on pardons for the inmates of the trial before a month and a half. This was indicated by PSOE sources to LaSexta, who indicate that the decision will be made before the second half of July, despite the fact that Pedro Sánchez himself avoided giving dates on Monday.

During a press conference with his Polish counterpart, the Prime Minister avoided fixing a calendar of pardons and insisted on the need to “let the Ministry of Justice work” to prepare the 11 files so that they can be debated in the Council of Ministers. . However, Sánchez stressed that the executive will take this decision “in conscience” and that it will allow “a transition from a bad past to a better future”.

Asked about the division that this issue has created within his own party, criticized by barons like Emiliano García Page or former president Felipe González, the socialist leader denied a political cost. “Helping to solve problems does not come at a cost,” he said, adding that “the cost to the country would be to leave things as they are, anchored in 2017”.

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