The Council of Ministers today approves an extension of the SMI to 950 euros pending further negotiations

Posted: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 9:27 a.m.

The Council of Ministers today approves an extension of the SMI to 950 euros, while waiting to continue to negotiate an increase with employers and unions.

Thus, the government is bringing to the last Council of Ministers of the year an extension of the current decree of the inter-professional minimum wage which expired on December 31. It is extended until we see what is happening with the negotiation to freeze it or increase it. In the event that this decree is not extended, 1.5 million workers who collect it could stop collecting it because it has expired.

Government sources at the EFE Agency stress that the extension does not imply a freeze, but rather an extension in order to be able to continue negotiations and give legal certainty to the workers concerned.

The truth is, Vice President Carmen Calvo was adamant in Al Rojo Vivo: “I would not increase the minimum wage now.” “We are in a two-year period where the SMI has increased by 29%. We are here, we are not in tomorrow or in the past,” argued Calvo, who invited to look for a country that increased the minimum wage of 29%. in less than two years.

Calvo thus responded to the remarks of Minister Yolanda Díaz, who, also at ARV, defended an increase in the SMI to avoid the impoverishment of workers. Of course, the vice-president avoided entering into controversy by evoking this affair: “I do not have to disagree with any minister, it is not my task”.

In this sense, Vice President Calvo insisted that the executive maintain its “absolute commitment” to the minimum wage and highlighted an increase in the future: “Not now, but it will be necessary to continue to increase. ‘President Sánchez’s commitment to invest “. . You can see his intervention in the following video:

At this time last year, while the coalition government was still in office, the extension of the validity of the SMI 2019 was already agreed until an agreement was reached in the framework of the social dialogue which would allow to fix that for 2020. The 5.5% increase in the SMI in 2020 was signed on January 30 and the royal decree was approved by the first Council of Ministers in February with retroactive effect from January 1.

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