The Council of State appreciated the lack of government control of European funds

Posted: Monday March 1, 2021 19:19

The Council of State warns in the opinion on the decree-law of the funds of the European Union against “the elimination or the modulation of the control mechanisms” in terms of subsidies, administrative contracts or agreements and highlights “serious gaps” in the content of the text. Despite this, and taking into account that the opinion is neither insightful nor binding, they express their opinion in favor of the project as a whole.

More precisely, the report underlines that the “observations of a different nature and entity” presented by the Council of State “have as a common denominator the concern of this body concerning the elimination or the modulation of the control mechanisms in such matters. delicate as administrative contracts, agreements or grants “.

The 97-page text was drafted on December 21, ten days before the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the royal decree on European funds, and as Moncloa underlines, many of the recommendations in terms of controls and guarantees which can be read in the document was eventually incorporated into the standard.

They recall that according to the Council of State “the project (deserved) as a whole a favorable opinion”, and add that the opinion “is neither insightful nor binding”. Moncloa also underlines that said report appreciated “the effort made by the government to articulate in such a short time a set of measures whose main objective is to allow better management and execution of the various actions that can be financed with European funds. “.

State intervention is omitted

“Attention should be drawn to the fact that the reports published by the Delegated Intervention of the General Intervention of the State Administration have not been incorporated in the transmitted file.”

In this sense, the Council of State formulates a “severe criticism” of the fact that the government has not integrated the vision of the administrative body which supervises budget movements.

The budget impact requirement is not met

In addition, the text indicates that the decree “does not meet the requirement of an analysis of the budgetary impact” of the measures, which “will include, at least, a reference to the effects on public revenue and expenditure and will include impact on the expenditure of personnel, grants or remuneration or any other expenditure in the service of the public sector “.

“There is no doubt that it can be difficult to quantify said impact in a context such as the current one, of maximum urgency in approving the measures necessary for the management and execution of European funds”, they point out in the report, although they believe that this is the case. You can state the expected impact of the various measures of the project and thus produce an estimate of their impact.

Opposition requests an appearance

The opposition sharply accused the government decree of distributing European funds. The Popular Party demanded the appearance of the government “to explain the concealment until today of the devastating report of the Council of State in the Catalonia campaign”, as underlined by the head of the formation, Pablo Casado.

Citizens have also denounced “that it was a cacicata to leave the European funds in the hands of Sánchez and without control”. For this reason, underlines Inés Arrimadas, president of the party, “they hid this report which confirms it”.

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