the cry out to Errejón in Congress when he spoke of suicides and mental health in the pandemic

Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 10:20 AM

Posted: 17.03.2021 10:00

A deputy shouted in Congress plenary a “doctor’s appointment” to Mas País spokesman Iñigo Errejón when he questioned the president, Pedro Sánchez, about the mental health of Spaniards after the pandemic and the ‘confinement. Errejón later pointed out that it was someone from the PP bench.

Errejón had previously complained that his question was greeted with a few laughs in the hemicycle and recalled the importance of the mental health problems generated by the pandemic, even if this does not seem to correspond to the current political situation. “It is not the most common, but it is the most important,” said Errejón, who also recalled a fact: 10 people commit suicide every day in Spain.

“If I say diazepan, lexatin, etc… we all know what we’re talking about. Why have we standardized on being on medication all the time?” Errejón asked. At the end of his intervention, it was when the cry “go to the doctor” was heard. Errejón gestured against this sentence and spontaneously a good part of the deputies applauded him to express their support.

President Sánchez later thanked him for this question as it “honors this chamber” and they sympathize with those who are suffering. Shortly thereafter, Errejón himself, through his official Twitter profile, explained in writing: “That right-wing MPs shouted at me ‘go to the doctor’ for asking the president about mental health today ‘ hui shows all that remains to be done. Never . plus the stigma and shame. “

The Minister of Finance María Jesús Montero, a doctor by profession, asked in her speech that the PP apologize for the words of one of his deputies. “As a doctor, I tell you. The popular group should apologize for the remarks that one of its deputies made about the ridiculousness of mental health. They should apologize to Mr Errejón,” he condemned.

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