The CUP tries to save an independentist government in Catalonia and places the Junts and the ERC to negotiate

Publication: Wednesday May 12, 2021 12:52 PM

The separatist formations are committed to a successful investiture in Catalonia on May 26, although they have not yet reached an agreement to make Father Aragonès the president of the Generalitat.

At the last meeting of the Junts, he told Esquerra Republicana of his intention not to give him the votes so that he could govern alone and asked him to resume negotiations just two weeks before the full investiture.

Faced with the impossibility of the negotiating teams of JxCAT and ERC to have an approach, the CUP called the two parties to a three-way meeting to “agree on a framework of objectives” and avoid electoral repetitions in the region. .

In this sense, Carles Riera declared that they must “respond to the social crisis, defend social rights, join forces to strengthen the project of self-determination and consolidate a common working space to achieve independence”.

Junts and Esquerra say they will be present at the table called by the CUP

Following this proposal, the two formations mentioned confirmed their presence at the meeting. Specifically, Esquerra insisted that they are still “at all the tables” and that their goal is “to avoid elections”. In the same vein, they spoke of Junts, who assists electronically so that “Jordi Sànchez can be present”.

Those who see the repeat elections close are the Socialists. The PSC and Ferraz believe that “the most likely scenario is that there will be an election” and have made it clear that the next president should be Salvador Illa, who is the one who won on February 14th. Therefore, they said, they will not facilitate a solo ERC government.

“If the alternative to not having an election is for the PSC to give its votes, they won’t find us there. Let’s not forget that three days before the elections, they made us a cordon sanitaire, as if we were VOX, wouldn’t do what they do, which is spit on us every day, ”party sources said.

Iceta believes that Catalonia is doomed to an electoral rehearsal and that Illa “will be strengthened”

In this sense, Miquel Iceta admitted that he thought that “they would agree”, but “by the facts we are already facing an electoral rehearsal”. And it is that in his opinion, ERC and Junts “do not support or share a roadmap”. And, faced with possible elections, the current Minister of Territorial Policy believes that “Illa would be strengthened and the separatists punished”.

Catalan politics were also the protagonist of the government scrutiny session on Wednesday. It was Pedro Sánchez who questioned Gabriel Rufián if he “was already on an electoral campaign in Catalonia” after the Republican deputy told him he did not believe in the government and reminded him of Más Madrid’s surprise at the PSOE in the Elections in Madrid.

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