the customer orders a dozen masks: unbelievable: the customer requested a dozen masks, “12 only”

Often, the client believes himself to be fair and sometimes gives such arguments that we laugh at. Something similar happened in Minnesota, United States, when a customer, even after sending 12 masks, asked a merchant for damages for not sending a dozen masks. The good thing is that the trader maintained his hold even after this illegitimate request. Now this trader is being hailed on social media.

According to the KRFO News website, Jada McCrae is a single mom and owner of Jada Wallet. It’s an online store that sells shirts, hoodies, cards, and masks. Jada went viral on social media when email from her and one of her clients was shared on Twitter. He said he was shocked to receive mail about a wrong mask order.

“ A dozen masks means 12 masks ”
According to this email conversation shared on Twitter, the anonymous customer wrote, “Hello, I ordered a dozen masks but you only sent me 12. I need all of them. I want to withdraw the money owed. I will no longer support your business. I tried to support the business of the Jews, but you are robbing people.

After that, Jada responded very well and said that since a dozen means 12 masks, the mask he sent is correct. So I can’t reimburse you. Even after that, Jada apologized for disappointing her client and gave them a $ 5 discount voucher. In response, the customer refused to take the coupon and said he needed 20 but had never heard of it.

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