The daughter of the Afghan envoy Najibullah Alikhil Silsila kidnapped and tortured in Pakistan Kidnappers threatened: the daughter of the Afghan ambassador was kidnapped in Islamabad, then abandoned with a threat.

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Under the nose of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, an Afghan girl grappling with the poor for 5 hours, the kidnapping of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Silsila, from the chic Islamabad market, was brutally assaulted by the kidnappers for 5 hours, then threatened to leave Islamabad
An Afghan girl fought with the poor for 5 hours under the nose of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who called Afghanistan her “friend”. Silsila, the 26-year-old daughter of Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil, was kidnapped in broad daylight from a posh market in the capital, Islamabad. The kidnappers brutally assaulted Silsila Alikhil for 5 hours. Many of his bones are broken. Not only that, the kidnappers threatened Silsila that the next issue is that of their “communist” father.

According to Pakistani media, Silsila was severely tortured. There are signs of beatings on the head, tied with ropes to the wrists and feet. After about 5 hours, Silsila’s hands and feet were tied and she was thrown onto a road in Islamabad. A tissue paper and a 50 Rs bill were attached to his dupatta. He said: “The next Communist number is yours.”
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Afghan foreign ministry summons Pakistani ambassador
It is said that Silsila Alikhil went shopping in the Blue Quarter of Islamabad. She wanted to buy a present for her younger brother. After this appalling incident came to light, Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Pakistani ambassador and lodged a complaint. At the same time, Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah tweeted that his daughter had been kidnapped and brutally beaten. She is saved by the blessings of Allah.

Najibullah said her daughter is feeling better now. The Taliban are believed to be behind this attack but this has not yet been confirmed. These days, the Taliban are carrying out horrific attacks in Afghanistan and targeting government officials and military commanders. In all this work, he receives a lot of help from Pakistan and his army. The gravity of the situation can be understood by the fact that in any other country the ambassador and his family have full security, but this is not the case with Silsila.
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Silsila was hit in the head, marks of being tied with a rope
No one has been arrested so far in connection with the shocking incident that occurred on Friday. The Afghan Foreign Ministry has called for an immediate investigation into the matter. The medical report from the hospital indicated that Silsila had been hit on the head, had rope marks on her wrists and legs, and was brutally assaulted. There are concerns that many bones in the Ambassador’s daughter’s body have been broken and that x-rays have been ordered.

The report says he was held hostage for more than five hours and taken to hospital by police in Islamabad. Detailed information regarding the abduction and release of Alikhil is not available. Pakistan called the attack “disturbing” and said security had been tightened outside the Afghan ambassador’s residence in Islamabad. The Afghan Foreign Ministry has said it strongly condemns “this heinous act” and expressed concern for the safety of Afghan ambassadors and their families in Pakistan.
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Voices speak out against brutal incident in Pakistan
Pakistani main lawmaker Sherry Rehman condemned the incident on Friday and tweeted: “The daughter of the Ambassador of Afghanistan is a woman and she should not face any obstacles in getting around central Islamabad and , above all, it is a woman “. . Famous Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir tweeted and wondered how such an incident could happen in Islamabad. He said what is the job of the expensive cameras installed in the city then?

Mir said Pakistani journalists and even a police officer were kidnapped in Islamabad, with only a few people arrested in this regard. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement, “The safety and security of diplomatic missions, diplomats and their families is of the utmost importance. Such incidents will not be tolerated.

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