the decline in infections slows down due to the danger of new variants

Publication: Sunday March 7, 2021 3:11 PM

Infections reported over the weekend continue to decline. However, the descent slows down. If last week they were reduced by 27%, it has decreased by 11%. As cases rebound in neighboring countries like France and Italy, experts warn of the danger of further variants. “Where the British variant is more present, it is more difficult to reduce the incidence,” said Daniel López Acuña, former director of Health Action at the WHO.

In Asturias, where nine out of ten infections are of the British variant, if the curve is observed, the decline has been more moderate. In addition, they continue with more cases per 100,000 inhabitants than at the start of the year. “A fundamental factor is that there is a very strong penetration of the British variant,” added López Acuña. In addition, it reported an increase in the number of hospitalized patients, as well as 134 cases and 2 deaths.

In contrast, in La Rioja, the British variant was almost a testimony: they only collected nine cases. With an eye on its evolution, La Rioja is the third community with the lowest incidence in Spain, and the decline is much more pronounced, its incidence is 18 times lower than the peak in January. “We had made a very difficult decision, and the next one was bigger and even more difficult,” admitted Sara Alba, Minister of Health of La Rioja.

In the Balearics, the British variant accounts for 70% of cases and has triggered infections in islands like Ibiza. “In Menorca, the few cases we have detected are of a British variant,” explained María Antonia Font Oliver, director of public health for the Balearic Islands, who stressed the need “to avoid a new wave”. The government of the Balearic Islands communicated this Sunday half of the infections compared to the day before and no deaths.

And in Cantabria, there was a slight increase in positives with 39 cases and one deceased. Navarre, meanwhile, has recorded 66 positives in the past 24 hours, and in Aragon 100 cases have been reported and no deaths. Andalusia added 904 infections and 11 deaths, the lowest figure in three weeks, and the region of Murcia has recorded 64 positive cases and six deaths, one of which is 51 years old.

In Catalonia, 1,060 new coronavirus cases and 12 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, and hospital admissions have increased by 64, although ICU admissions have declined. In Galicia, the positives are also increasing, with 137 new cases. And in the Valencian Community, 162 new cases have been reported, but no new deaths, income or epidemics. In the deaths of communities that report on the weekend, we also observe a decrease, which this past weekend is contained.

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