The departure of Vox’s spokesperson from the Andalusian parliament after a fight with Susana Díaz: “Fuck it!”

Publication: Thursday, November 19, 2020 3:44 PM

Huge anger of Vox’s spokesperson in the Andalusian Parliament with the socialist Susana Díaz, and against the president of the chamber, Marta Bosquet, after the former Andalusian president on Thursday compared the extremists to the nationalist left.

“The PP, when it is not governing, blows up the institutions and loses its memory,” Susana Díaz told the current Council President Juanma Moreno, and began to teach him and read the headlines of the newspapers: ” Aznar opens the dialogue with ETA, Maroto defends his pacts with Bildu, Democratic normality: Rajoy with Puigdemont … Pedro Sánchez does not agree with Otegi, but you have embraced the heirs of the Franco regime in Andalusia ” .

This latest statement baffled far-right spokesman Alejandro Hernández, who tried to respond to Díaz, but received the refusal from the president of the legislature.

“Take care of me and don’t ignore me. Take care of me and don’t ignore me!” Hernández exclaimed, losing his way. After a few seconds of trying to speak, turning the microphone on and off, Hernández hit the device. “Fuck it! Fuck it!” He exclaimed as he left the plenary session.

In subsequent statements to Efe, Hernández announced that his group would not participate in parliamentary activity as long as the PSOE “continues to compare them to a terrorist party like Bildu”.

“The comparison made by the PSOE and in which it has persevered for a few days is between Vox and the heirs of ETA”, denounced Hernández, who recalled that “the reality is that it is the party of Ortega Lara and with a national president who grew up between threats and escorts. “

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