The deputy mayor of Murcia, of Ciudadanos, denounces that a detective has been spying on him since the announcement of the motion to the PP

Updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 11:34 AM

Published on: 23.03.2021 11:20

The deputy mayor of Murcia, Mario Gómez, of Ciudadanos and one of the promoters of the motion of censure against the mayor of the PP has denounced the consequences of a private detective since his announcement on March 11.

As published by, Gómez discovered black tourism on March 11 next to a municipal building and with his driver inside. In the afternoon, the same scene repeated itself. According to Gómez’s explanation, he suspected he was being followed for several months and reported him to the police in October.

But it is that on March 1, the politician received a call from an “acquaintance” of the PP in which he informed him that there was a video of him giving documents to a journalist and that they were going to denounce him. This is the video that the digital newspaper published, in which Gómez is seen pulling out a file with a journalist. The video, barely a minute long, is recorded from inside a car.

According to PP sources at the city council in elDiario, the video was recorded “by chance” by someone who sent it to him. They deny having hired a private investigator to follow a counselor. However, they also assure that Gómez was conspiring against his own government, which he had previously denounced for corruption. “When you do something, seemingly criminal, in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, you expose yourself to anyone who passes by, you can see yourself and check in, as it was. Here the problem is not. not knowing who recorded, but what was recorded. “A politician conspiring against the government to which he belongs,” they explain.

The same private detective who allegedly followed Gómez also denies it: “I would be very bad if I followed the person who tells me and spin him around my car. These are coincidences of life, yes. This movie is amazing. What you tell me is great, ”he says, who also says he did not know the deputy mayor.

Gómez explains that there is a rift between the national PP and the PP of Murcia and that they consider the mayor, José Ballesta, as a “megalomaniac and narcissist”, which is why they tried to attract Gómez to the party. .

On Thursday, the motion of censure is passed in Murcia’s municipal council which, if there is no surprise, will separate the PP from the mayor’s office and hand it over to the PSOE with the support of the four citizen councilors.

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