The difficult balance between technology and humanity

IQS Executive Education hosted the Webinar “Technology, Humanizes or Dehumanizes? ”, With the aim of analyzing the limits of technology and its relation to humanity. The masterclass was given by the engineer and coordinator of the IQS Executive Education R&D pole, Marc Rafat Casafont.

In a time travel that analyzed the concepts of humanity and technology, the webinar had a particular impact on technological revolutions and how technological advancements have coexisted with humanity. Since the beginning of our history, man and technology have formed an inseparable pair, forging our way of being and of relating to the world, technology being an essential element in defining us as a species. But technology itself has never humanized or dehumanized us, being only a tool to express our way of being. We are currently living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, inundated by the excess of information and the hyperstimulation that the digital world offers us, where despite the increase in the number of our connections, the quality of our relationships as humans has drastically. fall. We connect with many people, but without connections or quality time. The message for Rafat is clear, artificial intelligence is called to be the technology that can re-humanize our relationships as humans.

Technology as a differentiator

Just as technology is a tool that contributes to improving our lives, it is also an element of differentiation and imbalance, which generates more and more dependence and impact, both in the social and economic fabric and in the future of the planet.

We are immersed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution where advancements generated by innovation and technology have unprecedented speed and have transformed the way we interact. With the growing development of smart technologies, such as Chatbots, or automatic content recommendations, society is more disconnected than ever. And it is that in the age of information and connectivity, the relationships between people have changed forever. Due to over-stimulation, our brain suffers from a constant lack of time, as well as the need to satisfy our anxiety with new and stimulating inputs. The inability to concentrate and be present, explains Marc Rafat, leads to more superficial bonds and inferior relationships both personally and professionally.

Artificial intelligence is called to be the tool of change. Being a double-edged sword with the ability to completely isolate us from society, it has the potential to rehumanize our relationships by helping us make sense of this excess information that we are drowning in. With AI, we can reduce the time we spend on technology by speeding up or eliminating non-value-added tasks, thereby increasing our capabilities as humans and freeing up more time for our relationships as humans. In medicine, for example, AI helps doctors spend less time in front of the computer and more time talking to the patient. Technology does not humanize or dehumanize, but we can use it to rehumanize our society.

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