The digital initiative ?? AstraZeneca Tower ?? brings together more than 800 university students from 15 Autonomous Communities

The digital initiative ?? AstraZeneca Tower ?? brings together more than 800 university students from 15 Autonomous Communities

AstraZeneca Spain, in collaboration with the Recruiting Erasmus platform, succeeded in bringing together more than 800 health science students this spring during the “AstraZeneca Tour”, a cycle of digital meetings in which young university students from all over the country have was able to meet and discuss with the main leaders of the biopharmaceutical company in Spain.

The main singularidad de esta nueva iniciativa digital de AstraZeneca ha sido la organización de estos tres eventos online divididos por Comunidades Autónomas, Garantizando así el acceso y la participación de estudiantes ubicados en todas las regiones españolas donde se imparten titulaciones de la universitarias donde health. A total of 46 universities and business schools from 15 Autonomous Communities joined this online initiative which tripled the attendance of ‘AstraZeneca from home’, the series of digital meetings that AstraZeneca and Recruiting Erasmus organized in 2020 during the confinement.

Ana Mutis (Director of Human Resources), Ana Pérez (Director of Medical and Regulatory Affairs), Marta Moreno (Director of General Affairs and Market Access) and Guillem Bruch (Director of Oncology Business Unit) were the professionals of AstraZeneca Spain in charge of leading the three webinars of the “AstraZeneca Tour” to bring the company closer to young university talents.

“We are very happy to collaborate, one more year, with Recruiting Erasmus to bring young talents closer to the role played by the pharmaceutical industry. The great interest shown by the participants underlines the importance of our sector, which has always played a key role in people’s health and which has grown stronger over the past year ”, said Ana Mutis, Director of Human Resources at AstraZeneca Spain. “Focusing on young talent is increasingly a priority for most companies. At AstraZeneca, we know that these types of profiles greatly contribute to our growth, thanks to their ability to bring new ideas, ”he added.

For his part, Carlos Crespo, Erasmus Recruitment project manager, the platform for young talents who collaborated in the organization of the “AstraZeneca Tour”, said he was very satisfied with the results obtained: “It is increasingly necessary to bring the university world together to the fabric of the company. Aware of this, companies like AstraZeneca do not give up their efforts to promote networking with young talents with initiatives such as the ‘AstraZeneca Tour’, which has managed to generate a very strong impact among students from different autonomous communities ” .

Finally, another big novelty of the AstraZeneca Tour was the holding of an interactive quiz contest during webinars that tested university students’ knowledge of the business. The nine winners of this tournament (three for each online meeting) have already had the opportunity to take advantage of their prize: an employability workshop organized by the Human Resources team of AstraZeneca during which the students discovered the main keys to consider in entering the pharmaceutical industry and which served to help them in their search for their first job.

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