The digital transformation of motivation

In 2020, we will continue to face many of the challenges of the past century in people management.

One of the main ones is motivation.

From Taylor to Maslow, to Herzberg or Daniel Pink, we’ve discovered part of what makes us do what we do, we’ve built a vision of how motivation works.

On several occasions from Human Resources, we have identified motivation problems through the talent drain or the deterioration of the working environment in a team or in an entire organization.

And traditionally, we’ve used a survey to gather feedback from teams and identify what isn’t working or what could be improved.

And we usually do that every 12 or 24 months. Assuming the climate that affects motivation is a cultural element and it has taken some time to change.

While the challenges of 2020 aren’t much different from the last century, there are a lot of things that are.

The world has become, more than ever, complex and changing, and the new generations (millennials, generation Z) have grown up with the luck of immediacy: everything is now.

We can no longer face the same challenges in the same way.

The annual surveys on the working climate have become obsolete.

Not for its objective, nor for its content, nor even for its objective (because knowing the members of a team is always critical and necessary).

But it’s no longer worth asking for it every year.

If we want to be proactive and not be late, we need continuous communication channels, in real time, which allow us to keep the pulse of the state of the organization and to act as quickly as possible on the axes improvement.

And we can’t do that by just asking employees more times a year since no one will be willing to take a 60-question quiz every week.

Fortunately, technology is helping us achieve this.

Tools such as Team Insights help us by launching short and recurring surveys, optimized by an algorithm, which allow us to know at the present time and with representativeness, the state of the organization, and to identify very easily the improvement actions and, consequently, to build a better working environment that attracts and retains talent.

Use Team Insights for free.

There is no longer an excuse to digitize HR processes.

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