The digitization of companies requires investment in IT maintenance

Many businesses and businesses have realized that the best way to prosper and overcome the crisis stemming from the pandemic is to digitize their business. However, the Internet carries certain risks that force these companies to have a good IT maintenance in order to avoid cyber attacks that take advantage of their vulnerabilities, as well as to keep up to date all the systems, databases and IT equipment that allow them to offer a optimal customer service.

Telecommuting is another factor that has driven many companies to give IT maintenance the relevance it deserves in the digital age. Being able to operate functionally and safely with many employees working from home is one of the main demands that companies have on companies specializing in IT maintenance, at least as confirmed by the IT maintenance experts in Valencia. from Ibermedia.

The vulnerability of businesses and businesses on the Internet is given by the increase in the use of the cloud, VPN connections, remote virtual desktop services, the use of networks with zero security and the management of identities of Internet members and workers. precarious society, among others. All of this coupled with a noticeable increase in cyber attacks means that these businesses can be exposed, which can cause serious losses.

Fraudulent fraud, identity theft, theft or erasure of data … These are some of the main cyberattacks that companies present and operating on the Internet tend to suffer. Fortunately, risks can be avoided and minimized as long as proper IT maintenance is performed. For this reason, investing in IT maintenance is essential for those who want to succeed in their business digitalization project.

Granted, the internet offers a multitude of new business opportunities for companies, but it unfortunately also includes new dangers, once non-existent in the analog world, which make efficient computer maintenance a must for those who want to be successful in the world. the digital age.

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