The director of the Balearic Office for Children was fired for not wanting to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Posted: Tuesday June 22 2021 2:37 PM

The Minister of Social Affairs and Sports, Fina Santiago, communicated this Tuesday to the director of the Balearic Office for Children and Adolescents (OBIA), Serafín Carballo, her dismissal after announcing that it will not be done not vaccinate against the coronavirus.

The ministry explained in a statement that the revocation will now have to be ratified by the Governing Council. In this sense, as they gathered in the note, the Executive understands that the decision not to be vaccinated is “legitimate”, but that he cannot continue to be in charge of a public establishment and to exercise a public function, since his personal decision “is incompatible with the values ​​and health criteria which are defended and promoted by the Government”.

The OBIA is a specific and autonomous body of the Autonomous Community within the framework of the administrative organization which ensures the defense and the promotion of the rights of the minor. In accordance with Decree 16/1997 establishing the office, it is established that it is an organ with total autonomy of operation and management attached to the Department.

From the direction of social affairs and sports, to which the Office is attached, it has in any case been shown that the work and confidence in the management developed by its director since in November 2016 he took charge of this body. .

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