The dogs of US President Joe Biden

US Democratic President-elect and former President Joe Biden made history by winning the most votes in the election held in the country’s history. Interestingly, not only Biden but also his German Shepard Major made history. Let us know that Biden has two companion dogs, one of which is the first rescue dog to reach Major White House. Playing with the same, Biden has a broken leg.

This is how the major came

Major was adopted by the Delaware Humane Association in 2018. Biden then said, “We are very happy that Major is joining the Biden family and we are grateful to the Delaware Humane Association for working to find homes for Major and countless other animals. “

Biden’s pet is famous

10 years earlier, in 2008, his wife Jill had offered the champion to Joe. The champion was with Joe Biden as vice president of Barack Obama’s government. Biden’s love for his dogs is well known. He continues to share photos of the two on his social media account. The two even have their own accounts, so Biden was praised for securing a record vote in the election.

A new friend arrives

Not only the champion and the major, a cat will soon be in the White House. CBS Sunday Morning gave out this information by tweeting, and then people’s excitement started to reach the sky. In the White House, keeping the dogs and cats together, people have even dubbed “an attempt to connect the divided country”. Jill Biden said in an interview in September that he wanted a cat.

Animals of the White House

Previously, the Socks cat, who was with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House, became very famous. It was a serial cat that spent from 1993 to 2001 in the White House. After him, George Bush also brought with him a cat named India. At the same time, two dogs Bo and Sunny came with Barack Obama. After James Poke in 1849, Donald Trump was the first president not to have a pet in his tenure.

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