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The first time you see a bikle bike, chances are you’ll take a second look to confirm that you’re dealing with an original bike rather than a small motorcycle. But it also makes the great originality of the French brand Bikle, which designs practical and efficient bicycles every day, adding a great touch of originality.

Two French people were at the origin of this project: Tristan Burgaud and Cédric Collao. Before the Bikle brand was born, they both worked in the automotive industry, Tristan made parts for diesel turbochargers and Cédric worked on prototypes of motorcycles.

Biker’s story

However, the two friends found that bicycles have become disposable and are often manufactured far away. They are also becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore less and less repairable. It was here that Tristan and Cédric came up with the idea of ​​remedying this situation by bringing about “the next cycling revolution”. Their goal is to offer a range of electric bikes that are both beautiful, durable and customizable.

French made?

For this purpose, the two men wanted to design a motorized two-wheeler that is not only accessible to everyone and also corresponds to their values. In other words, “a French and artisanal manufacture where the work of each speaker is respected and highlighted”.

Apart from the gear and brake elements from Asia, Bikle bikes are produced in France. The frame, upholstery, painting, assembly and finishing all take place in Annecy, a town in the Alps in southeastern France.

A great retro lighthouse! Photo credit: Bikle

You should also know that the bike’s rear hub motor comes from the Chinese manufacturer Bafang. It has a maximum torque of 80 Nm, the bike itself weighs 30 kg and has 20 inch tires that are particularly wide.

What about the available models for these bikes and their price?

The basic model of the Bikle-Bike is already available for 2,500 euros, which is quite competitive in comparison to other bicycle brands such as the Heritage from 5,900 euros. This basic model of the Bikle bike has a 36V motor and a 360 Wh battery with an advertised maximum range of 50 km.

A really original design! Image credit: Bikle

You have also pre-ordered the superior “R” model for € 3,199 versus € 2,999, which is equipped with a 48V motor and a 640 Wh battery. It also has a lighting system with a big headlight in the front, a fake tank and big tires that give it a (very nice) small motorcycle look!

Finally, the Bikle brand is offering an “S” version of their bike for € 3,499 for € 3,299 in advance. This bike has a 1,041 Wh battery that gives you a range of up to 120 km. You are entitled to a saddle, brown handles and whitewall tires. If you’d like to get a preview of this original bike, click the video below.

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