“The effort to adapt to the circumstances and the commitment to the project ensured that everything continued and that we were able to do amazing things.”

Jorge Calvio, Global CHRO at Allfunds Bank: “The effort to adapt to the circumstances and the commitment to the project made it possible for everything to continue and we were able to do incredible things”

Great business leaders such as Jorge Calvio, Chief People Officer (Global CHRO) of Allfunds Bank; Diego Martn, Director of Human Resources and RRLL at HPE; Michaux Miranda, Managing Director of People Management at Adif; and Jorge Aguirre, Partner at EY (Workforce Advisory Leader), have in the past analyzed the HR Hybrid Forum the present and future of HR precisely now that the figure of the leader in people management is acquiring vital relevance.

And it is that the current context that we are living in, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis in practically all aspects of life, managing workers, managing talent and, above all, managing people is essential for the future of companies and businesses as well as for the world of work in the world.

Above all, during the round table entitled “ Present and future of HR departments ”, these four managers of the HR space of large companies spoke of new ways of working, this hybrid concept, the mix between teleworking and face. Jorge Calvio said that at Allfunds Bank they had opted for a precisely mixed model: “Healthcare has been a common denominator, which is why we send everyone home with a 100% distant model. Everything was working phenomenally and in Spain now We have applied a hybrid model ourselves. Many of our employees were ready to combine their telecommuting from home with their physical presence in the office. “

In the same spirit, Diego Martn also mentioned this new mixed concept of work carried out at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “We are witnessing a trend between offices and collaborative spaces, a mixture of face-to-face work and case management. Employees demand it, demand it and appreciate it. This is the big current trend, ”he explained.

For his part, Jorge Aguirre introduced the concept of “intelligent work”, on which EY had been working “for a long time”. It got people hooked from the start, productivity didn’t drop and we adapted. We are adapting very well and we also have the advantage of having very young talents ”, he revealed.

Speaking of the public sector and more particularly of Adif, Michaux Miranda spoke of the generational change that will take place in his particular company in recent years. “At Adif, the big challenge is the change of generation. We are going to renew 60% of the workforce who have a very high level of knowledge and we are going to move on to a new generation.

On the other hand, Jorge Calvio made an interesting reflection, highlighting the commitment of employees in these complex times. “It has been a challenge for all of us. The effort to adapt to the circumstances and the commitment to the project ensured that everything continued and that we were able to do amazing things,” he revealed.

In addition to the new ways of working, the four protagonists of the “ Present and future of HR departments ” roundtable, brilliantly moderated by journalist and speaker Teresa Viejo, addressed each of the key points of the management people of today. ‘hui: change of generation, teleworking, conciliation, gender equality, health and safety measures …

If you would like to see one of the featured round tables of the HR Hybrid Forum, you can access the video of the event by clicking here

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About the HR Hybrid Forum

The HR Hybrid Forums the star congress of the new reality in the HR sector and the business world which was held last Thursday, October 22, in a hybrid way, with a face-to-face part and a virtual part, in a to ensure the safety of all who attended the event. The latest trends in people and business management at a key time both for businesses and for the world of work and the economy in general were detailed and discussed.

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