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The story of Live Tile or Live Tiles is like Cortana, they tried to kill them on countless occasions but they resist. The Redmond giant, which appeared to be phasing out tiles in the wake of Windows 10X, is now renewing the El Tiempo app tile.

A new Live Tile adapted to the new icons

The reality is that Microsoft had some weird icons in the El Tiempo app. In the weather information, we only saw the icon profile and nothing else. With this update, the Live Tile adapts to the new design of the app and is much more stylish.

the weather app on Windows 10 has been updated. It now has a nicer live tile for the Start menu now with improved icons etc.

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) December 7, 2020

A change that perfectly suits the El Tiempo app. We will see if this is a change in vain, or if on the contrary it is the resurgence, once again, of Live Tiles.

In addition to the icons, the background design has been changed to give it a more colorful style and look more in tune with the new Windows 10 Start menu. Perhaps the appearance of iOS in the world of widgets or tiles is the boost Microsoft needed for its resurrection.

Anyway, this new design is now ready for all Windows 10 users. You can leave us your thoughts on this design in the comments.

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