The El Tiempo app renews its icons in the Windows 10 development channel

Thanks to our colleague Javier Gualix, we have seen the change in the design of the El Tiempo application. It’s not a complete overhaul but a change in its icons.

The weather forecast renews its icons in the application

The Redmonds are working on redesigning their applications. It could be for Windows 10X development or Sun Valley’s makeover. This time we have to talk about the El Tiempo app.

El Tiempo is an application that has not received updates for a long time. Now, finally, change the icons to reference the weather forecast you are going to make. The old described icons are deleted and complete new icons are added.

A necessary change that shows us that something is happening on the Windows computer. The Redmonds are working on something new, but for now we’ll have to wait and see what they’re working on. The renewal of system applications and a system renewal is something more than necessary.

Microsoft itself has admitted that it has regained interest in Windows 10. As a result of the pandemic, the use of Windows 10 has increased and it seems that now they want to renew it. The reality is that Windows 10 needs a visual refresh and widespread improvement. After five years of receiving partial fixes, it is time to perform an appropriate update.

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