“The elections will suppose the unity of the center just around the PP”

Updated: Thursday, March 11, 2021 2:12 PM

Published on: 11.03.2021 13:52

The head of the PP, Pablo Casado, showed “all the support” to Isabel Díaz Ayuso after the call for the elections and the presentation of two motions of no confidence against his government: “He did everything possible for two years to maintain the policy stability of the legislature “.

The popular one was convinced that eventually there will be elections in the Community of Madrid and declared that this would mean “the first step of the unity of the center just around the PP”.

“I have been trying for three years with the other parties, if they did not want it, we will do it now for the base, the people of Madrid will be able to unite the center right on the PP ballot to govern by an absolute majority . and to continue to create jobs and to defend freedom ”, underlined.

Casado ensures that Díaz Ayuso represents “the freedom in Madrid” to “lower taxes, open the hotel industry, bring back tourism, be able to freely choose a school, continue to open public hospitals and continue to open kilometers of metro ”.

The popular say that “in front of this” there is only “the same old socialism, which created more unemployment and less opportunities”: “As she clearly said. You choose between socialism or freedom ”.

Inés Arrimadas assured this Thursday that she had met with Pablo Casado the day before the election was called, warning that the motion in Murcia “was limited to Murcia and not elsewhere”.

The leader of Ciudadanos was “surprised” by this “breach” of Isabel Díaz Ayuso: “We had a pact, we were not going to do anything and Ayuso did not respect the agreement”.

Casado acknowledged this call and said Murcia’s motion was a mistake “because the government works well and it is an honest government”: “We do not tolerate anyone who questions PP. López Miras has sacked a minister of Health whereas many members of the PSOE did not do it by the vaccines ”.

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