The electoral campaign of the Community of Madrid, marked by death threats and the reaction of Vox

The death threats that Iglesias, Marlaska and the director of the Civil Guard received, and the reaction of Vox, and more particularly of Rocío Monasterio in the debate of the candidates for the “ SER ”, marked the electoral acts of the parties. in the Community of Madrid.

In the case of the PP, Pablo Casado, indicated this Saturday that “Spain is not for the sticks” and that his party wants “neither stones, nor bullets”, “neither boycotts nor sanitary cords”, but ” concord, civil peace and freedom “. During a rally in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) with candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the popular leader spoke of the death threats directed against Iglesias, and the riots that took place during an electoral act by Vox in Vallecas.

A day after the controversial “SER” debate, Casado criticized the tone of the May 4 election campaign and its “short-sighted and unpolitical little political differences” amid a pandemic that ended his life. thousands of people and the economic crisis.

“They pay us a salary to serve the Spaniards, they pay us a salary to solve their problems, not to create them, not to fight, not to shout, not to annoy those who think differently. We must serve everyone, whoever they are vote for. Think what you think, dream what you dream, speak in the language you speak, ”he said.

In the same act, the president of the Community of Madrid and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, insisted on defending her leadership at the head of the regional government against “circuses” and “sterile wars”. “We are not going to be there for the moment for these circuses. We have to talk about what is going on and not get confused with what is not going on. It cannot be that after two years of fighting alone, non-existent problems are produced at the end of the minute to conceal the important ”, stressed.

Iglesias charges Vox: “They’re on a rampage and they won’t stop”

United We Can candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, said this afternoon that Vox is “the unapologetic PP, the unconscious unconscious of the Popular Party” whose project is “the destruction of the bases materials of freedom and democracy “; reason why it concludes that the 4 of May “votes between fascism and democracy”.

During a rally in a space in Madrid’s Príncipe Pío neighborhood, Iglesias said that Friday that “changed everything” was not him leaving the debate, but “the attitude of hundreds of thousands of people in the networks that have said, in effect, that democracy is in danger. “” Democrats cannot tolerate fascist proposals as legitimate. Hundreds of thousands of people were saying that a far-right force like Vox cannot be treated normally. And it went through the people, not through me, “he said.

Iglesias warned that in Vox “they are going wild and they are not going to stop”. “They said that the goal for me was to go into exile. Do not fall into any provocation. We must beat them with education, good manners, quietly, without shouting, threatening, without falling into their provocations. Neighborhoods. , working-class towns and villages come out to vote. Those who hate law and order are those who have enough money not to need laws, “Iglesias said, adding:” In the face of their lies, chaos, violence and disorder, the dignified order of the working class to vote en masse against fascism; the democratic future will be feminist or it will not. “

PSOE and More Madrid demand that there is no “equidistance”

For his part, the socialist candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, affirmed that during the elections of May 4, what is decided at the polls is “democracy against the extreme right” and affirmed that the election campaign has taken a “new course” that goes against “fascism”. “We must close the way for the government of Colón. Ms. Ayuso with the far right feels unpunished and the people of Madrid must be against the far right and the government of Colon for our freedom,” he said.

The socialist candidate stressed that those who do not explicitly condemn violence, with reference to the PP and Vox, must “be defeated at the polls” and that these elections “not only go to Madrid, they go to democracy” because in the face of death threats “they are not worth the equidistance”.

“The campaign as we knew it is over, like so many times in history, a very strong PSOE can win democracy,” he said. TV presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez attended the rally to show his support for the socialist candidate.

Meanwhile, More Madrid’s candidate in the May 4 regional elections, Mónica García, called her Vox counterpart Rocío Monasterio “bad people”, but said that the “equidistance” of the President of the Community and the candidate for re-election by the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In a video recorded from Retiro Park, Mónica García admitted that she spoke “always with the wrong body due to the violence and tension” experienced the day before during the failed debate organized by the “Cadena Ser”. “It strikes me as a real tragedy that if the ICUs are full, some are only waiting to offer noise and hatred,” he said, referring to the Monastery, which he openly declared that he did not. can be called “bad people” only by “looking away when he talks about an envelope with bullets.”

For García, Vox’s questioning of the death threat of United We Can candidate Pablo Iglesias “is the last straw that has filled the back of the camel after a year of depreciation of women, of criminalization of women. children or consideration of sick women. LGTBI people “.

“But if there is anything even more aberrant, it is Ayuso’s equidistance. I want Ms. Díaz Ayuso to please explain to me how freedom is like threats, hatred and meanness.” , he questioned the “popular”. For this reason, he asked him “to stop hiding his head like an ostrich, to be honest and have the courage to admit if he continues to aspire to rule with those who threaten the coexistence of Madrid and Madrid. “.

Abascal questions threats to Iglesias

Vox President Santiago Abascal insisted on questioning death threats received by Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and denounced that the left has prevented citizens from voting “in peace and freedom” since the elections of 2004 that took place. days after the 11M attacks in Madrid.

“Some were outside the polls, outside Parliament, and do not know what to do desperately to demonize Vox”, he denounced during a rally in the arenas of San Sebastián de los Reyes, with his candidate for the elections from Madrid on May 4, Rocío Monasterio.

Abascal insisted on his thesis of the low credibility of the threats received by Iglesias, whom he warned that he did not accept “lessons of democracy” after the harassment suffered by him and his family in the Basque Country. In fact, he claimed to have documented as many as 87 threats and attacks received.

“They talk to me about everything too and I don’t moan like a coward. And besides, they throw stones at us and we don’t moan. They really threaten us and we don’t moan. You can’t believe yourself. re in the Battle of Stalingrad and then behave like a comedian and like a crybaby, ”Iglesias reproached.

The candidate Vox for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, also insisted on the fact that “nothing is believed” of the government, and assured that in Vox, they were not “afraid”. In addition, Monasterio stressed that Iglesias is where he is because Pedro Sánchez agrees with “the separatists, the bilduetarras and the enemies of Spain”. “They want to risk what has taken so long,” the candidate said.

Edmundo Bal, in Ayuso: “Isabel, we will govern together”

For his part, the citizens’ candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Edmundo Bal, was convinced this Saturday that after the elections of May 4 the coalition government between the PP and his party would repeat itself, at the same time that denied the political “marriage” between PSOE leader Ángel Gabilondo and United We Can leader Pablo Iglesias.

“Isabel, we are going to govern together, we are going to get along. We are going to make the best government possible for all Madrileños,” he said during an electoral event held in Plaza Dos de Mayo in Madrid, where he participated with Begoña Villacís, deputy mayor of Madrid; Ignacio Aguado, former vice-president of the Community of Madrid, and Inés Arrimadas, president of Ciudadanos.

Likewise, Bal made several allusions to the failed debate between the candidates of the main Madrid parties, declaring: “Until this Friday morning I thought Ciudadanos was the best option for Madrid, but now I think we are not only the best possible option, but we are the essential option to guarantee coexistence, tolerance and respect ”.

On the other hand, Bal has declared “loud and clear” that he condemns both the bullets sent in an envelope and directed at Iglesias, as well as the acts of violence against Vox in the streets, the spit of Villacís when she was pregnant and ETA violence. “I am tired of slogans, slogans, empty words, that she or he is freedom and democracy, that they manage these fine words, it is not the heritage of any political force, it is the heritage of all Spaniards and all Madrileños ”, commented.

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