The electronic signature allows the management of labor relations under secure conditions

The electronic signature allows the management of labor relations under secure conditions

One of the big challenges facing the tourism sector to reactivate activity in 2021 is the paradigm of digitization: to introduce automatic tasks that allow to replace the activities which, until now, were manual to avoid contact between people and that the vacation period. can be taken back safely.

Leading tourist entertainment company Acttiv was no exception to this new process of digitization, although in its case the commitment to innovation began two years ago now. This has allowed them to manage all of their working relationships this year, remotely and to prove that in tourism, as in most industries, today innovation has come to stay.

With a network of tourist activities deployed in six autonomous communities, Acttiv has coordinated from March to today more than 2,500 workers specializing in animation in hotels and campsites, even this year offering 100% digital activities for tourists. . This whole process was made possible through the use of electronic signatures.

The goal was to optimize the time needed for the hiring process, reduce the use of paper and be more efficient. In addition to security by reducing physical contact as much as possible, the use of electronic signatures has enabled us to have real-time information on our employees, ” explains Dorina Huhu, head of digital transformation at Acttiv. Thanks to the integration of the Validated ID electronic signature with the management software implemented by SQA Murcia (which is currently part of Nunsys), Acttiv went from collecting signed contracts in one week to 98% of documentation ready in less than 24 hours. hours, which allows them to eliminate the need for workers to travel.

Using a digital signature solution to resolve situations remotely has also provided workers with peace of mind. For 80% of employees, it was their first experience with a digital signature, and for 95% the process generated great security and trust.

In the same way that many restaurants today have already adapted their menus to QR codes to guarantee customer safety, we bring hotel entertainment to customers by focusing on more digital and personalized experiences for each person. The use of electronic signatures for our workers is another pillar of our commitment to innovation and sustainability ”, underlines the manager.

For her part, Validated ID CMO, Nuria Aguado, underlines that “the ways of working in the world have radically changed and public health considerations force companies to secure their operations remotely. The use of an electronic signature like the ones we deploy in Validated ID, integrated into the usual client management programs thanks to our partners, is an element that gives peace of mind, by allowing the formalization of essential operations such as as signing contracts without the need for both parties to be gathered in the same physical space. ”

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