The emotional reunion between Luna and Abdou after their hug in Ceuta: “It was a human gesture”

Publication: Tuesday, May 25, 2021 12:06 PM

The image of Luna, a Red Cross volunteer, hugging and comforting a migrant on Tarajal beach in Ceuta who had just swam through Spain, moved all of Spain.

TVE has located this young man, his name is Abdou and he lives in a popular neighborhood on the outskirts of Casablanca, Morocco. He continues with the same clothes with which he arrived on Spanish soil and since that day he does not know anything about his brother with whom he crossed the border.

This is the reason why Luna consoled him: Abdou arrived exhausted and saw that his brother did not react, he feared the worst and collapsed in his arms. He has not been doing well since then and has been discouraged.

Now Luna and Abdou have been able to meet again thanks to a very moving video call. “How are you? How long have you been here? Do you want to come back?” Asked the volunteer through tears.

He thanked her for her support and assured that he did not understand that “they attack Luna for doing her job”: “He was just trying to console me, it was a human gesture. She preferred not to show her face after the racist attacks she suffered after the image was broadcast on the beach.

“Oh, mother, I want to give him a hug,” Luna said as the two looked at each other smiling and in tears. “I just want to go to Spain, look for a job, send money to my grandmother and have a decent life,” said the young man.

Luna Reyes, 19, has become a symbol of humanity in the face of the crisis on the border between Ceuta and Morocco. The young woman was the target of the far right and received numerous attacks, which forced her to close her accounts on social networks.

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